The Benefits

Supporting the growth of a stronger, more cohesive and networked Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance community, members of MPA enjoy the benefits created by harnessing the influence and support of the membership as a whole, combined with the community's industry partners. Members can receive and recommend recognition through various heritage and scholarship programs. Community symposiums provide additional education and training opportunities, including the chance to interact directly with the highest levels of community leadership. And of course members have the opportunity to network, share sea stories, and reminisce with fellow professionals at social events.

As a non-profit organization, MPA strives to create better programs by communicating with past, present and future MPRF professionals and by targeting today's interests and issues. MPA also works to defray the cost of these programs and the annual symposium for its members in order to make them as accessible as possible.

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive member events
  • Member-only discount pricing to annual
  • Symposium and regional chapter events
  • Quarterly newsletter: PLANESIDE
  • Online access to MPA membership directory and forums
  • Networking opportunities with MPRA community leaders and corporate sponsors
  • Regional chapters
  • Scholarship eligibility for dependents
  • MPA gear