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MPA Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/#!/groups/131603313560789/

VP Association: www.vpassociation.org

VQ Association: www.centurum.com/vq/vqmain.htm

Association of Naval Aviation: www.anahq.org

Navy League of the United States: www.navyleague.org

Association of United States Navy: www.ausn.org

VP International: www.vpinternational.ca

U.S. Navy Patrol Squadrons: www.vpnavy.com

West Coast VP Officer Club: www.vpreunion.com

Madison Navy League: www.madisonnavyleague.org

International Brotherhood of Naval Flight Engineers: www.centerseat.net

Mariner/Marlin Association: www.marinermarlin.com

Together We Served: www.togetherweserved.com

Brunswick Naval Museum & Memorial Gardens: www.brunswicknavalmuseum.org

100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation: www.navalaviation100.org

Centennial of Naval Aviation: www.navalaviationcentennial.org

Centennial of Naval Aviation/US Navy: www.public.navy.mil/airfor/centennial/Pages/welcome.aspx

Patrol Aviation History: www.history.navy.mil/branches/dictvol2.htm

NAS Jacksonville: www.cnic.navy.mil/Jacksonville

Jacksonville Tourism Info: www.visitjacksonville.com

Jacksonville Weather: www.weather.com

VP-1: www.vp1pops.com

VP-1 (active duty): www.vp1.navy.mil

VP-2: www.patron2.com

VP-4: www.vp4association.com

VP-4 (active duty): www.vp4.navy.mil

VP-5 Reunion Association: www.dcisoftweb.com/vp5/index.htm

VP-5 (active duty): www.public.navy.mil/airfor/vp5/Pages/default.aspx

VP-6: www.VP-6.org

VP-8: www.papagallery.com/VP8/VP8_Alumni.htm

VP-8 (active duty): www.public.navy.mil/airfor/vp8/Pages/default.aspx

VP-9 (active duty): www.vp9.navy.mil/

VP-9: home.earthlink.net/~patron9/

VP-10 (active duty): www.vp10.navy.mil

VP-11: www.gtechno.com/VP-11/, www.vp-11.org

VP-16 (active duty): www.vp16.navy.mil

VP-22: web.me.com/flynavyp3/VP-22_Reunions/Welcome.html

VP-26 (active duty): www.vp26.navy.mil

VP-40: www.vp40.com

VP-40: home.earthlink.net/~patron40/

VP-40 (active duty): www.vp40.navy.mil

VP-44: www.vp44goldenpelicans.com/

VP-45: www.vp45association.org/

VP-45 (active duty): www.vp45.navy.mil

VP-46 (active duty): www.vp46.navy.mil

VP-47: www.vp-47reunions.com/

VP-48: www.vp48.org/

VP-68: www.vpnavy01.com/websites/vp68/index.html

VO-67: www.vo-67.org

VP-93: www.vp93.org

VXS-1: www.nrl.navy.mil/planes/

VX-1: vx-1.ahf.nmci.navy.mil/

VQ-1: www.vq1.navy.mil

VQ-2: www.vq2.navy.mil

VPU-2: www.vpu2.navy.mil

VW-1 Alumni: vw1assoc.tripod.com/

CPRW 2: www.public.navy.mil/airfor/cprw2/Pages/default.aspx

CPRW 10: cprw-10.ahf.nmci.navy.mil

CPRW 11: www.cprw11.navy.mil

CPRG: www.public.navy.mil/airfor/cprg/Pages/default.aspx

The Maritime Patrol Asssociation, Inc. is a Florida not for profit corporation. It was formed in 2011 and is
tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID No. 45-1968605).
Copyright 2011-2012.

The Martime Patrol Assocition is a non-federal entity operated and controlled by individuals acting in their private capacities.
It is not a part of the U.S. Department of Defense or any of its components and has no governmental status.